Friday, June 1, 2012

Last day of work.

Wow, it was like so long since I last cam here. HAHAHA. Ya right, I was freaking busy. People are having holiday but I'm still working til the very last week day before school reopen. A lot of things happened in this short period. Working, partying, playing, eating and more! Will share soon, IF I HAVE THE TIME. I'm going to be super busy too when school reopen. Gah! Okay, one photo. HAHAHA.

Hehehe. Party time.

Well, it's my last day tomorrow!! Happy but also feeling kinda sad to leave them soon. Nevermind, FB FB! HAHAHA.

A little hard job of mine. So fulled and pretty cover. Hope they will like it. :)

I guess I'm too excited till I couldn't sleep larh! HAHAHAH
Anyway, still have to off from here. Nights!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Where's my template larh!

My heart broken when I saw my previous template gone! Well, I think i did saved a file in my laptop when I edited that template, 2 years back I think.

Anyway, its nothing, will be solved soon. But still emo larh.

Got a treat from colleague again. Forever I got foods. You know why, cos I was complaining for my hungry and I guess colleague J heard and then got me bread. From now on, I'll be quiet if I'm damn hungry. Even my colleague said the whole office knows I always get hungry. HAHAHA!

Cheese Croissant!! Made in Renaissance! 

Its huge actually, but doesn't look huge here. But its damn super yummy!!
Ohya, I called ASTRO since 11am+ till 4pm+, I was kinda pissed can. Called non stop cos we never receive bills from them and they expect us to pay. If we can't pay in time, terminate might happens. Complain from guests might happen too, and I'll be in trouble. Gosh, die larh this time. God bless me and the hotel.

Hotel went black out for awhile this afternoon, my PC went blanked. Yeah right, I was doing my things, luckily I already done while I was calling Astro. Ishh! But i heard someone was trapped in the leave, not the guest's one but the staff one. Lol.

Well, nothing much. Bye.

Gonna do something with this template. Ish.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

End of Week 9.

Wow, new interface of blogger HAHAHA! But kinda lag can. Mafan.

Well, didn't blog for 2 days? HAHA! No time. I'm a busy woman. HAHA!

Friday lerh, thought got audit but ended up the auditor didn't have enough time. But right, I stayed up till 8pm, did other stuffs while waiting for her but went back after that. Super tired! First time felt so tiring after work. Couldn't even move much. HAHA!

A small pressie from my colleague, she just back from the trip sponsored by the hotel to Thailand as  a reward!

Ya, I was too free, I sharpen all the pencils. HAHA!

Well, Saturday.

Otw to work. It's like going to work in the evening or something. HAHA!

Apple Danish.
Got this from the Coffee House, but was a treat by colleague! HAHA.
Fyi, it's RM4.80 plus tax. HAHA! Ya right. 5 stars hotel with 5 stars of price.
It's quite huge and tasty.

At night, went to yumcha with Peck Shan and Hui Ling. HAHA!

Sunday! Today. When badminton in the noon with bro and his friends. And such a small world that his friend is my friend's friend. Always got this kind of things happened. Lol

Monday tomorrow. Week 10. Grr. 3rd time they are asking whether we want to extend for out internship or not. Hmm. Anyway, going to have dinner coming Thursday or Friday. Barbecue buffet or Seafood Buffet? HAHAHA

Thursday, April 19, 2012


For like seriously.

Idk how to describe my feeling. People at my working place are too good that I can cry.

Well, It's glad that I did some careless mistake during internship, so you would learn and not to repeat again in the real working life next time. People don't blame you when did mistake. But right, you need those good colleague that could tolerate with all these. :)

Yeah, did a kinda small, not that big mistake but the people involved were like very high position employers like General Manager, Director of Finance and even the owner of the hotel. So great huh me. HAHAHA! Then my mood was affected. Damn emo the whole day. And still I went to GM's room for the first time for some urgent stuffs.

I kind of apologized for my mistake but she said she had forgotten about that already. Means like, you see, not a big deal. HAHA! But they couldn't blame me all alone tho, not 100% my fault.

Damn big larh her room compares to other Directors! Yeah, last time I thought GM is below all Directors but now I know all the directors are under GM!

And today I experienced something new! I went pay out with another colleagues. Its making cash payment to part time workers. Fun! HAHA!

Ohya, no audit for me today but tomorrow. Cos not yet my turn! Hopefully mine will be fast one and not so late. Cos its about 2 hours per section today. Gahh.

Alright, its Friday tomorrow. Soon will be end of Week 9! So fast!

Bye bye soon. I scared larh, I might cry. T.T

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


In a good mood today, Idky. Maybe just i get to go home earlier. But its actually one hour after my working hour. Ya, I counted it as earlier! Back home yesterday almost 8pm. Believe or not. Printing cheque like a boss y'know? HAHAHA!

Another thing is, I went up to the highest floor of Renaissance today, level 24, had a tour on that floor. Visited the junior suit but couldnt get to have a look on the biggest and the most expensive one. The rate for that is Rm3,600++ Wow.!

Fyi, starting on level 22 onwards, only VIP is allowed! The view is damn pretty! Even the chair with cushion is no niceee to sit on. And know what, currently, its the highest building in Melaka town! But 3 years later, there will be a new hotel which has 35 floors.

And what, there is this auditor from India reached the hotel this evening. My boss was so gan jiong and wore his coat on and zoom-ed to the lobby and she was gone I think.

And yeah, auditing is going to start tomorrow. AND I'M INVOLVED! Ikr, trainee. Yeah, a new record for them. I wonder any trainee got the chance like me to learn so much things.

I have to prepare some documents and to answer the question that will be asked by the auditor. I hope I don't need to stay back till 11pm or 12am, according to my boss. Sobs! But I'm kinda excited. HAHA!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bye holidays!

My last day of off day. Enough of resting huh? Damn, mountain's of works are waiting for me. Sigh.

My R-pin. Broken. Sigh.

So today Running Man the whole day but went for movie in the evening.

Nice story but the ending part looks lack of something. HAHAHA!

But still, love this kind of story. Tho I knew the ending before that. HAHA

And know what, I just google-ed about these 3 person in the poster. The girl and the guy at the most right is just one year older than me and the guy in green which is the main character is one old younger than me. Why all so young, or I'm getting older. HAHAHA!

Went dinner, supper I think after movie. Just 2 pieces of chickens and then satay!

The sauce. LOL.

So bye holidays! Work work!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Its sunday!

Burned off few hundred of calories from 2 hours of badminton but take in almost thousand of calories. Blame McD! No hope larh me.

Here goes my Sunday! And Running Man!

Mum scolded me cos she got annoyed.


Cos I laughed too much when watching Running Man. Freaking funny that I seldom laugh in front of my laptop.


Tomorrow is holiday! Its only for Melaka! Cheer for that!

Anyway, my last day for holiday!


Gonna get back to my job soon!

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Watched We Not Naughty yesterday with Eunice. But too little time for us to catch up larh! Next timeeeeee!

Quite nice.

Well, collected my own printed cheque on Thursday! HAHA. So proud larh, printed myself, have to signed on 'Prepared By' and then 'Received By'. Great huh? HAHA

Supposed going for trip to KL and Gua Tempurung but now all gone. Too many things happened and its good to be canceled. HAHA. So I can rest more. And then badminton tomorrow!

Alright, gonna continue my Running Man later. It's really funny larh. Freaking funny. HAHAHA

Thursday, April 12, 2012

4 days off!

Seriously get fucking pissed by some irresponsible person larh. I thought I'm okay while everyone was already pissed off. But this time, I seriously couldn't stand it anymore. Cursing deep down from my heart.

Well, happy thing is I'm off for 4 days! Freaking F O U R days! And so ngam that everyone is busy or on leave tomorrow for my department, the new staff who came today gonna be damn lonely, and no one can teach her what to do.

I'm going to rest to the fullest. Not going to think anything about word. Just can't imagine how many works I'm going to follow up or complete when I'm back on Tuesday.

But right, I'm going to have a shortest report to be done. Just 3 working days for a week.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pray for Indonesia.

Yeap, not working today as today is the Installation day for our new King!! One day work tomorrow and I will be free for four days!

Well, got the news of earthquake happened in Sumatra, Indonesia from dad when I was otw back home from campus. Its really scary. 8.9, not a play play matter. Lots of place even Malaysia got the tsunami alert. The nearest one to Malacca is Port Dickson and also Singopre!

Dad asked me not to work tomorrow as I'm working at level 8. He is worried if there's any aftershock or tsunami. But tsunami won't reach Malacca right? Anyway, I can actually see Malacca Strait from my hotel.

Seriously, pray hard to Indonesia and the place that received red alert for tsunami.